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Luis first picked up a trumpet when he decided to participate in a Philarmonic Association. Later he had private classes with Tomás Pimentel.
He attended the Escola de Jazz Luís Villas Boas/ Hot Club de Portugal, where he had the chance to study with João Moreira, Tomás Pimentel, Vasco Mendonça, Afonso Pais, Filipe Melo, Bruno Santos e André Fernandes.

During these years, he also participated in workshop with musicians such as Evan Parker, Chris Speed, Mário Laginha, David Binney, Jesse Davis, Julian Arguelles, Ohad Talmor, André Fernandes, Pedro Madaleno e Phil Grenadier.

He already played in dozens of venues and festivals in Portugal and across Europe.

He performed and recorded with Carlos Zingaro, Wilbert De Joode, Akira Sakata, Johannes Bauer, Michael Moore, Roger Turner, Mars Williams, Jorrit Dijkstra, Jasper Stadhouders, Mary Oliver, Paal Nilsen Love, Joost Buis, Tobias Delius, Wolter Wierbos, Frank Gratkowski, Mark Sanders, Olie Brice, Marco Franco,  Mette Rasmussen, John Dikeman, Alexander Hawkins, Ziv Taubenfeld, Roberto Negro, John Butcher, João Lobo, Hugo Antunes, Valentin Ceccaldi, Seppe Gebruers, Onno Govaert, Théo Ceccaldi.

Currently he plays his own tunes in trio and quartet and is a member of : Vicente-Gebruers-Govaert; Chamber 4; Clocks and Clouds; Fail Better!; Twenty One 4tet; Vicente-Brice-Sanders; Deux Maisons; Vicente-Trila; In Layers; Frame Trio; Vicente-Marjamaki; Jasper Stadhouders' International Improv Ensemble

“Trumpeter Vicente is a significant emerging talent, a brassy, forceful trumpeter with a quick mind…”
Stuart Broomer, Point Of Departure

“His brass sensibility calls upon the free playing of Don Cherry and the free bop of
Freddie Hubbard in equal measure.”
Ken Waxman - New York City Jazz Record

“ The lyrical component manifests most obviously in Vicente's trumpet, (...)Of course, the trumpeter also splutters and exclaims explosively. But whatever he does packs charge,”
John Sharpe, All About Jazz

“ That’s one of the joys of listening to him play: he’s got an undeniable ear for melody, but he’s also not afraid to draw all of the primal physicality out of his horn - sometimes he sputters, sometimes he spits out lines with acerbic intensity, but he always keeps your attention.”
Derek Stone, The Free Jazz Collective

“Luís plays trumpet notefully flued and sonically informed.”
Gregory Applegate, Gapplegate music review


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