"This is the convincing debut album from the trio of the trumpet player Luís Vicente musician whose presence has become increasingly noticeable in the national jazz scene. Unfolding between trumpet and flugelhorn, with a clean sound and spacious, Vicente shows influences ranging from music from various corners of the world to the nearest territories trodden by experimenters as Peter Evans and Nate Wooley. The great music you hear on "Outeiro" transpires empathy between the three musicians, with the rythm section (Francesco Valente and Oori Shalev) to providing the ideal basis - sometimes vibrant, sometimes hypnotic - for the wanderings of the leader. As highlights, watch the dynamism of "Algurezem", "Dança Bêbeda" or "Café Re Minor" in the enchanting atmosphere of "Tube Drop" or the beautiful "Emersão". In a country with few trumpet players, this is an auspicious debut that let us curious for what is about to come"

António Branco [jazz journalist] about Outeiro

JACC Records 2012

"It's a records with Goa, the Mediterranean, with Africa inside, as we know them here in Portugal" 

Rui Eduardo Paes [musicologist, music journalist and jazz.pt magazine editor] in Bitaites

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"Luis Vicente combines a torrent of fresh musical

ideas with a rare proactive energy."

Nuno Catarino in público

"Reminded me often "Mu", the famous work of Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell, that in the 70s of last century, shook the jazz world."

"As Don Cherry, Luis Vicente adopted the magical world of the African-Arabic influences, with his long and suggestive playing."

Raul Vaz Bernardo in Expresso